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WEEE Recycling

In 2007, the UK government introduced a new legislation that stated all electrical good have to be disposed of in the correct manner. This was passed to help encourage the reuse, recycling, and recovering of electrical items to help reduce the amount of materials required to create new products.

Andrews Environmental Services gladly adheres to this new legislation and we are happy to announce that we can remove and dispose of any electrical items which you have.

For an idea of what kind of electrical items we can recycle then simply refer to the list below;
  Monitors, computer towers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, mainframes, batteries, fluorescent tube & bulbs, fridge/freezer & white goods, microwaves...

Paper Shredding

With the rise of identity theft, more and more people are ensuring that their sensitive documents are securely disposed of. In light of this, we are offering a service where we will securely shred and destroy all of your sensitive documents. All paper documents will be completely shredded before being pulped and recycled.

We are happy for you to witness this happening to provide you with peace of mind that your sensitive documents have been securely destroyed.

Computer Data Removal

With the rise in popularity of computers in businesses today; a large amount of sensitive data can now be found stored electronically.

There have been many cases of data being extracted from "recycled" PC's which then end up being used for illegal purposes. This is very similar to people rooting through bins to locate bank statements or other documents which can be used to create fake identities; although data extraction has been proven to provide a lot more fruitful results e.g. on-line banking details.

For this reason before we remove and dispose of your computer; for an additional charge you may wish for us to first erase all the data stored on there. Once this is complete we will then continue to completely destroy, crush, and eventually shred all hard drives.

We will destroy any type of confidential data to our customer's approval and satisfaction with the most secure method available.

24-7 Furniture Clearance

If you require your property clearing in a hurry then we also offer a 24-7 furniture clearance service. Simply call and ask about our 24/7 emergency service and at a small extra fee we will do our very best to get out to you when you need us.

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